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The source of the fire currency is referred to as HBY's

Hot Btc Yee hopes to build a future international digital asset Alipay, providing multi-party joint rapid deployment of efficient blockchain solutions for domestic and foreign and cross-border enterprises, while achieving Bitcoin, Ethereum, and One-stop management of tokens and enterprises' own digital tokens, simple and convenient completion of digital currency transactions and exchanges...

What is HBY? what

Cross-border payment system based on blockchain intelligent contract payment protocol

General value

By establishing a distributed P2P clearing network, servers around the world can conduct peer-to-peer financial transactions with each other, decentralized management, without the need for intermediaries, and without any complicated redemption procedures, providing extremely liquidity for cross-border payments.

Equity value

The core of the Fire Source (HBY) is a shared public database that records the user's account and balance. Computers on the network can modify the general ledger and transaction settlement through a consensus mechanism. Anyone can read these general ledgers and read all the transactions in the HBY network.

Monetary value

Perfectly break the blockchain smart contract application barriers, create big data intelligent analysis and cycle application, realize HBY commercial profit closed loop, financial transaction self-service, real-time transfer, currency exchange and other functions.

How HBY works

HBY builds a decentralized global settlement system with blockchain technology

Introducing a gateway system to solve the trust problem of transfer and remittance between non-acquaintances. The relationship between users and gateways (such as banks, third-party organizations, etc.) is reflected in the whole system as a credit and debt relationship. This relationship will be through distributed networks. It is stored on several servers, and the servers communicate in a P2P manner to avoid various risks brought by a single, centralized server, and ensure data security through certain encryption technologies. According to the consensus, setting HBY as the settlement of encrypted digital currency. In order to prevent malicious attackers from making large amounts of junk accounts and affecting the normal operation of the network, the blockchain wallet requires each gateway to hold a certain amount of digital currency, and each time a transaction is performed, A certain digital currency will be destroyed, thereby increasing the attack cost of malicious attackers to ensure safe operation.

HBY payment solutions solutions solutions

HBY creates a new smart payment ecosystem

Next generation wallet
Fast accounting
Completely transparent
Lower cost
Mutual inspection certificate
High security

HBY core competitive advantage Advantage

HBY is completely decentralized, achieving global currency and all kinds of digital currency peer-to-peer, seamlessly integrating and realizing the whole network circulation, wide online and offline commercial applications, high user and merchant viscosity

  • Lower payment
  • Faster payment
  • Foreign exchange is simpler
  • Higher availability of business services
  • Business internet is more interactive

Promotion Program Plan

Accelerate market promotion to achieve everyone's currency and share HBY value

Member value is easy to copy

Everyone can participate, invest small, market development freedom

HBY holds appreciation guarantee

Low circulation, rich market circulation channels, and rapid value-added


Directly promote effective members, up to 8% of revenue


Top members, up to 5% of revenue


Circulation reward, up to 5% of revenue


Register activation to send 1440 yuan


Project Progress line route

The first stage

Open sharing, enjoy the HBY development dividend, and accept more commercial applications

second stage

Deploy HBY Fire Nodes on a global scale to provide HBY members with an entrepreneurial and investment environment to provide smart technology solutions for businesses
The third phase

Realize fire big data and HBY intelligent conversion, quantify HBY balance decentralized business layout

Fourth stage

The HBY blockchain + smart contract payment method is connected under the conversion line, and intelligent data analysis is used to realize personalized service. Big data is cyclically applied according to different scenarios to create ecological profit.

Fifth stage

Realize the offline payment system of the whole industry chain

Elite team TEAM

The HBY team has many years of experience in the blockchain industry and has a complete system for the development of payment systems.

Waylon Dalton
CEO and Leader Blockchain

CEO and Leader Blockchain

Stefan havrid
CTO and senior developers

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Moises Teare
Blockchain App Developer

Blockchain App Developer

Gael Bernaldi
Community management

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HBY scenarios Application

as the picture shows


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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