About us

Bitecology, referred to as BTE, bit eco-chain, initiated by the Bit Eco-Community,

relying on the Silicon Valley Encryption Lab Incubation Public Network,

led by Diffie, the highest honor of the computer.

Bitcoin sponsor Nakamoto's cryptocurrency and global encryption ecosystem application development philosophy.


BTE Coin

BTE global limited edition of 4.2 billion, never issued.



The coins excavated in the mining pool are all currency.



The coins in the incentive pool are released in 25% in batches,
nd the released coins are immediately destroyed as the means of market reward.
All the destroyed coins will be strictly publicized.




Preliminary establishment of
the concept of development of bit
ecological community



onstruction of the mining mechanism
of Bitcoin ecological community

Preliminary introduction of product concept
and ecological concept of decocentering of
Bitcoin ecological community



Initial development of product prototypes in the
decentralized mining mechanism of Bitcoin
Ecological Community and its application

Determination and Gradual Implementation of
BTE Decentralized Pass Mining Mechanism
in Bitcoin Ecological Community



Product Test Development Research under
TE Ecological Mining Mechanism
in Bitcoin Ecological Community

Test plan for the BTE ecological
project of Bitcoin
Ecological Community



Bitcoin decentralized ecological
community BTE
global mining online,
and online exchange

BTE ecological
project 6 major
ecological landing



How BTE can afford the title of "bit"

1BTE giant whale, I don't understand, 1BTC has a feeling, and any asset with price will make people full of imagination and excitement. BTE is not a new species, its technical carrier, is a collection of two major technical flows of BTC and ETH. There is a collection of ideas, a collection of technologies, and a word to describe: the master of ideas and technology. Such a project can not only ensure the stability of the technology, but also ensure the forward-looking of the ideas and the long-term effect of the operation and maintenance, so as not to fall into the trend and move forward.

How does BTE practice Nakamoto's ideal?

BTE practices Nakamoto's ideals. As a certificate of anchoring monetary value, BTE has three attributes: value storage, exchange medium, and account unit. At the same time, the BTE community will adopt a decentralized governance structure, which will be a new starting point for the revolutionary nature of the governance. BTE will practice the principle of fairestness and trust, so that ordinary people can truly benefit from simple participation. In the future, BTE will move from virtual to reality in the decentralized bit community, in the areas of education, medical care, health, charity, social public services, etc., through blockchain breakthroughs, more efficient organizational forms to optimize the entire society, Build a trusted, digital, and stable financial society!

What is BTE's project philosophy?

BTE's project concept is summarized as the three-three creed, the third three: halving mechanism, unlimited destruction, currency agreement; outer three: freedom (decentralization, community autonomy), empowerment (chain business incubation platform), sharing (commodity currency) , behavior contribution).nd then take back their money of the corresponding face value, so that they do not know whose money you are holding and its origin is unclear, although the amount is the same.

What is the BTE Logo design philosophy?

1. BTE LOGO fully inherits the ideal of Biancong's love in the Bit Ecology Community. Blue is a rational color, symbolizing a fresh, clear and logical attitude. The Blue Whale symbolizes the openness, broadness, far-reaching and smoothness of the sea. ,calm. White stands for simplicity and sacredness, with advanced, technological images. The combination of blue and white, the strong oath blockchain is the representative of high technology, BTE is the blockchain + the bright pearl of the era, BTE waved the magic wand of digital currency, turned into a blue whale, opened the machine trust;
2. BTE is like a blue whale in the vast ocean, waves and waves, not afraid of hardships and hardships, sprinkle blockchain fire to every corner of the world, let digital finance water the digital civilization like a flowing water, empower traditional enterprises Serving the real economy;
3. The large white, like a cloud, means peace and tranquility. This is the yearning for the beautiful life that mankind has been striving for for thousands of years. For centuries, the centralized society of human beings has created wealth, but it is not the owner of the main wealth. The privileged and profitable classes use the rights in their hands, and they are arrogant, unfair and unfair.

Why can BTE be called commodity currency?

BTE will be a new form of financial + commodity currency, which is a new type of financial + commodity currency. It can pay for any transaction on the BTE bit chain network. As a currency bet, BTE has a strong monetary nature. The growth potential is the reserve currency of open finance and has the potential of reserve assets; BTE is characterized by the market supply and demand rules and has the characteristics of stability.

What does the BTE chain business incubation platform mean?

The traffic of the bit eco-community comes from the diversion of the chain, and the quality of the chain determines the quality of the product. Therefore, the bit eco-community has developed the BTE link hatch platform for business ideas and product development. Give professional guidance and strict control over product quality to ensure that all products presented in the chain mall are of superior quality. The chain business incubator is a large aggregation platform for the majority of entrepreneurs and SME practitioners. Economic benefits can also rely on the community attributes of BTE to achieve long-lasting stickiness and help long-term healthy development.

What is the BTE infinite destruction rule?

BTE's unlimited destruction includes: unlimited destruction of computing power, destruction of platform fees, and destruction of foundation profits. BTE's destruction principle is based on the dollar dollar and RMB exchange rate mechanism, and is destroyed according to the exchange rate ratio of 1:7; miners need to charge 5% platform fee for the withdrawal of coins, which is the main destruction method for mining in the middle and late BTE; The chain business eco-project is an important source of profit for the foundation. This part of the profit will be used to repurchase the BTE in the secondary market and continue to destroy the BTE until 21 million pieces. The 1BTE is equal to the dream of 1BTC..